Panda Cup

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This delicious and unbeliveably cute Junmai cup is a must. Is the Panda just hanging in there? Does he need your help? This sake is great for anyone looking for something a little smooth and simple to go with any meal. Light flower aromas and melon with a mild acidity. 


180ml cup

about the producer

Miyozakura Shuzo

Established in 1893 as a sake brewer. Since then, it has garnered more than 120 years of recognition for its Miyo Zakura label – translating to ‘The Japanese Spirit’ – while a previous Chief Operator also gained acclaim as Mayor of Minokamo City. The five petals of the Sakura Flower represent the elements of flavor (sweet, sour, salty, bitter and astringent). Miyozakura strives to create balance of these flavors with the strength of their own hands and top quality ingredients.