Ginger Tea

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Made only from Japanese ginger harvested in Shimane Prefecture, this herb tea exhibits an invigorating aroma and calming, earthy flavor with a touch of sharpness. Sanko-en, an esteemed Shimane green tea manufacturer, developed this quality product for their Japanese tea special collection that features locally grown herbs. Because it is sugar-free, you can enjoy not only the genuine Shimane ginger’s crisp and refreshing flavor but also its tremendous health benefits—ginger warms your body to the core by promoting blood circulation. 


10 1.5g tea bags.


about the producer


Matsue City in Shimane Prefecture has a long history of tea culture. Sanko-en, based in the heart of the city, specializes in superior tea products, such as gyokuro, matcha, sencha, herbal teas, and sweets made with green tea.