Thin-Shaved Katsuobushi

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Katsuobushi is a hugely important Japanese pantry staple that all serious home cooks should have on hand. This katsuobushi is made from Arabushi, a skipjack tuna that has been poached, smoked, dried, and shaved very thin. Used as both a cooking ingredient and a garnish, katsuobushi has a wonderfully smoky, slightly salty, rich umami flavor that adds depth to all sorts of dishes.

Use this katsuobushi along with kombu to make a top quality dashi for poaching or as the base of miso soup. Sprinkle katsuobushi on top of warm rice, sauteed vegetables, or okinomiyaki for added umami.

70g bag

Dried Skipjack Tuna
Contains: Fish

Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight. Keep refrigerated after opening.
These shavings are perfect for making dashi, but can also be used for topping dishes like okonomiyaki & hiyayako.

about the producer

matoba suisan

Matoba Suisan is located in the port town of Makurazaki in the far southern end of Kyushu, where they make their katsuoboshi using traditional methods. A dried jackfish, katsuoboshi is a fundamental ingredient in Japanese cuisine. Not only is it used as a garnish for a wide variety of dishes, it helps form the base of dashi, the mother broth of Japanese cooking.