Organic Umeboshi

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Umeboshi, salt-pickled plums (apricots, technically) are a staple of Japanese cuisine. Eaten as a side dish, a palate cleanser, or the star of a simple snack like onigiri, umeboshi are super tart and salty with a cherry-like fruitiness.

The Fukami family crafts these umeboshi using organic Nanko plums - the highest regarded variety for umeboshi - as well as organic red shiso from Wakayama and sea salt from Hyogo prefecture.

3.52oz package

Certified Organic

Umeboshi contains pits

Plum, salt, red perilla.

Refrigerate after opening.
Salty and sour umeboshi are a perfect pickled accompaniment to a variety of dishes. Enjoy these superb umeboshi as a healthy snack, or add them to porridge, udon noodles, or as the filling of onigiri.

About the producer


Fukami is a fourth-generation family business growing and manufacturing ume products since 1940. The Fukami family grow Nanko ume, the highest regarded variety of ume, organically in their own farms without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Their ume are harvested in extremely small batches and the family treats each plum with care as they craft their delicious goods.