Pickling Vinegar

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his vinegar is really like no other, which is due to its combination of ingredients: Iio Jozo Pure Rice Vinegar, brown sugar from Tanegashima, Australian sea salt processed in Hyogo prefecture, and a dashi made from organic sun-dried tomatoes from the USA, organic bay leaf from Shizuoka prefecture & organic black peppercorns from Sri Lanka. The vegetable dashi adds such a unique umami component that works beautifully for pickling.

360ml bottle


Water, Rice, Sugar, Salt, Dried Tomato, Black Pepper, Bay Leaf

Add to fresh vegetables for perfect quick-pickles! Works well in dressings or finishing dishes with a touch of acid, sweetness and umami.

About the producer

Iio Jozo

Located in a one-lane village on the bayshore of the Sea of Japan, Iio Jozo has been brewing rice vinegar since 1893. It is the last artisanal maker of rice vinegar in Kyoto prefecture and, amazingly, they control every aspect of their production. Iio Jozo brews their own sake from pesticide-free rice grown locally. Once the sake is finished, another 100 or so days are needed to allow the vinegar mother to do its work. Iio Jozo then ages the vinegar for 8 months to round out the flavor. All told, it takes roughly 11 months from the rice entering their brewery until a bottle is ready for sale. By comparison, the rice vinegar you can buy at the supermarket is produced in less than 24 hours.