Liquid Shio Koji

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Umami in a bottle! Shio koji is a glorious byproduct of sake brewing that can be used  to marinate meats, season broths and pickling brines, or be added to meatballs or dumpling fillings. It works by breaking down proteins into amino acids which themselves are responsible for savory/umami flavors.

Most shio koji is sold as a paste, but Hanamaruki patented a method of extracting liquid shio koji by gently pressing sake bags and blending the liquid with salt and alcohol to preserve it.

To marinate a protein, add 8-10% of the weight of the protein in liquid shio koji. In other words, to marinate 100 grams of meat, add 8 to 10 grams of liquid shio koji.

500ml bottle

Contains alcohol

Rice, Water, Salt, Ethyl Alcohol

Refrigerate after opening