White Tamari

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Malty, umami-rich soy sauce substitute made from just wheat, salt, water, and koji. Lighter in color and a touch less salty than soy sauce or tamari, it's excellent as a dipping sauce and for garnishing, especially when you don't want the dark color of soy sauce to hide what's underneath.

10.14oz bottle

Contains wheat

water, wheat, sea salt, rice wine spirit

Refrigerate after opening.

About the producer

Nitto Jozo

Founded in 1938, Nitto Jozo specializes in artisanal white tamari. 3rd generation President, Yoichi Ninagawa, has gone to great lengths to produce this versatile and unique condiment. Nitto Jozo’s shiro tamari is made from only three ingredients - wheat, salt and water - and each one has to be carefully selected. Ninagawa-san uses locally grown wheat and Japanese salt. At his headquarters in Hekinan City, he cooks the wheat and inoculates it with koji. After that he transports the wheat and salt up to a small village in the mountains of Toyota where Ninagawa-san has found the perfect mountain spring water. In a former schoolhouse, he mixes the wheat, salt and water and ages for three months in Japanese cedar vats.