Yuzu Kosho

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Yuzu kosho is a remarkable condiment. A simple fermentation of salt, yuzu zest, and ground chilies, it is a gestalt sort of hot sauce. The flavor is layered - first floral and salty, then sour, and finally spicy and bitter. Yuzu kosho has endless applications as a condiment or marinade, from sushi to barbecue ribs, and is delightful on a toasted bagel with cream cheese.

1.76oz jar

Citrus Yuzu Peel, Citrus Yuzu, Green Chili, Salt.

Refrigerate after opening.
Use yuzu kosho as a garnish for udon, miso soup, or hotpot dishes. Can be used to season steak or grilled fish. Mix it into some mayonnaise and make a zesty tuna salad sandwich. Give anything a try, it’ll probably work.

about the producer


Kishida was established in 1923 in Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, an area famous for Japanese citrus. Partnered with local citrus growers, Kishida grows their own chili peppers to make yuzu kosho.