Akabu Junmai

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From cult favorite Akabu Shuzo, this bottle has a surprisingly floral and fruity nose for a Junmai. There's tons of ripe fruit on the nose - think, peach, nectarine, melon, and a hint of citrus. The sake drinks super gentle, clean, and balanced. The fruit isn't just on the nose here, as there are some lovely sweet citrus and berry flavors happening. A truly lovely Junmai that drinks well cold or warmed, where a subtle caramel creaminess emerges.




About the producer

Akabu Shuzo

Akabu Shuzo was founded in 1897, and originally located in Otsuchi, a coastal area of Iwate prefecture. In 2011, the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami damaged the brewery so badly that it was impossible to restore.

Hidemine Kodate, owner of the brewery at that time struggled to keep the brewery running after the disaster but continued to brew by working alongside Sakuragao Shuzo in Morioka City. Akabu Shuzo was rebuilt in 2013 with a national subsidy. It is now located in Morioka, the capital city of Iwate prefecture (east of Akita prefecture).

After the rebuilding of the brewery, Akabu Shuzo had a team of young, inexperienced but determined employees. These employees had vastly different skills, coming from a diverse industries such as nursing and sales. Ryunosuke Kodate, Hidemine’s son, took over the brewery in 2014 after graduating from university and studying for a short time at a sake brewery in the Kanto region and the Liquor Research Institute. He was only 22 at that time.

Ryunosuke wants to produce “clean, fresh and solid-tasting sake”, and sake that can be enjoyed by people of his generation. This was how the “Akabu” line of sake was born.