Heiwa Shuzo Nigori

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A sophisticated version of a true nigori, this unfiltered sake has tons of sweet aromas and flavors - think vanilla ice cream - with just a touch of sweetness on the palate.  Made from Ippanmai rice at a 75% milling rate, this sake drinks smooth and clean like a more polished sake would. Perfect for nigori lovers who don't want an overly sweet, thick drink, there are so many layers of flavor here, with a surprisingly clean finish.


Futsushu Nigori

About the producer

Heiwa Shuzo

Located in a valley in Kainan City, Wakayama, lies what was once originally built as a temple, but now stands as Heiwa Shuzo, renamed after the end of the Second World War (Heiwa translates to “peace” or “harmony”). While the brewery has been making sake for 4 generations, the KID brand itself is quite young, only having started production about 10+ years ago. The average age of a kurabito (sake brewery worker) at KID is 29 years, and it is collectively the KID goal to create the standard for next generation Sake in Japan.