Mountains On The Moon

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Made by Farthest Star Sake in Massachusetts, their flagship nigori (unfiltered) sake is made with Yamadanishiki rice grown by the Isbell family in Arkansas, soft water, and yeast from the central mountains of Japan resulting in a fruity and sweet sake with clean acidity. Explore the depths of this cloudy sake and discover layers of fruit and rice.


207ml bottle


About the producer

Farthest Star

Everything about drinking sake is easy: it's fruity, complex, refreshing, naturally gluten-free, and comes in an interesting array of flavors and styles. Everything about making local, fresh sake is challenging: growing koji (the microorganism that makes rice into sugar for fermentation), washing and steaming hundreds of pounds of rice per batch, maintaining consistent fermentation temperatures, and keeping the quality high throughout the process from grain to glass. Unlike the cheap, mass-produced sake served hot to disguise its underwhelming flavor, fresh, high-quality sake is an explosion of aroma and flavor that makes you wonder how so much could be hidden in rice. We are excited to share the never-ending pursuits of drinking and making sake with you! - Farthest Star Sake