Noble Arrow Nama

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Rich and aromatic, this sake has a nose reminiscent of a nigori, with lots of creamy yogurt, peach and melon. Like most of Nagayama Honke's sakes, however, it drinks more like a wine, with a higher acidity and underlying minerality from the abundant limestone in the area where the rice is grown. Fruit flavors resemble those you find in a crispy white wine, like green apple and melon rind, and a whisper of mint in the finish.

Tokubetsu Junmai Namazake


About the producer

Nagayama Honke

Takahiro Nagayama is the 4th generation toji at Taka Brewery, having taken over the brewing responsibilities in 2004. Ever the student, Nagayama-san spent time in Burgundy, France, farming and making wine with renowned producer Philippe Pacalet. When he returned to Japan, Nagayama-san began experimenting with ageing his sakes and improving his yamahai, the closest analog to natively fermented wines. This experience also instilled a fascination in Nagayama-san with limestone, one of the most important soil elements in Burgundy, which contributes a great deal to the flavor and texture of the wines. He was now committed to remodeling his family’s business as both a brewery and farm. He began growing his own rice on Yamaguchi’s limestone-rich soils hoping to capture the complexity and minerality of great white Burgundy.