Toukun "A Tale of Dreams and Illusions"

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Carefully brewed with low-temperature moromi fermentation, this ginjo is 
delicious even when warmed, with a suppressed ginjo aroma. The nose screams 'aged sake' but it drinks surprisingly light and clean, with lots of caramel, vanilla, and a touch of slate minerality in the clean finish.

The label was designed by the late film director Akira Kurosawa, and
is a storyboard for the movie "Ran".

Junmai Ginjo


About the producer

Tokun Shuzo

Tokun Sake Brewery was established in Shimousa Sawara in 1825 during the flourishing of the Edo period.
The founder of Tokun Sake Brewery is said to have become an apprentice to the Ino family and learned and developed the brewing industry.
They have devoted themselves to sake brewing, proud of their 190-year history and tradition, under conditions suitable for sake brewing, such as the Tone River's ferry service, high-quality early-baked rice from the waterfront area, and high-quality water.