Tuesday - Saturday

12pm - 7pm

Grab + Go


We stock our case throuhought

the day with our most popular

sushi combinations, rolls, and

tasty side dishes from the kitchen.

Sushi Combo - $18

tuna, salmon, yellowtail kingfish + branzino nigiri with signature toppings, 6pc shrimp tempura roll

Salmon Sushi Combo - $16

2pc salmon nigiri & 2pc seared salmon belly nigiri with signature toppings, 8pc spicy salmon roll

Maki Combo - $13

4pc each of 3 different popular maki. Selection changes daily - picture is an example.

Sashimi donburi - $16

3pc salmon sashimi & 3pc tuna sashimi over sushi rice with shiso & assorted pickled vegetables

Sashimi Salad - $14

3 pieces each of tuna + salmon sashimi over mesclun greens with carrot, snow peas, red cabbage, ccumber, sesame seeds + house-made miso-soy dressing 

Vegetarian Maki Combo - $11

4pc Summer Vegetable Roll, 4pc Cucumber Avocado Roll, 4pc Umeshiso Maki

Crispy toban jan roll - $20

Tempura shrimp + avocado topped with spicy toban jan tuna, cilantro + lime

Salmon Tosa Maki - $16

Salmon, cucumber + avocado topped with iced onion, ikura, shiso + bonito flakes

Hiramasa Ssam Jang Maki - $14

Yellowtail Kingfish, oshinko, iced onion, house ssam jang + shiso

Amigo maki - $20

spicy crab, marinated eggplant + oshinko topped with seared salmon, avocado + aburi ponzu

Sushi dinner (after 4pm) - $38

7pcs assorted nigiri with signature toppings, 6pc spicy tuna roll

Edamame - $4

Seaweed Salad - $5

Side salad with miso dressing - $5

Green Beans Gomae - $5

Kinpira carrot + lotus root - $5