Ban Ryu

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Ban Ryu means “10,000 Ways.” This is a cheeky response to the question, “How is any sake different than another?” It also can refer to versatility, which this sake certainly shows. It is clean, lightly fruity, and very refreshing. Enjoy it cold or warmed and drink it with anything, or nothing.


1.8L bottle

About the producer

Eiko Fuji

Founded in 1778, the Fuji Brewery is now managed by the 13th generation of the Kato family, Ariyoshi Kato. Located in Tsuruoka City, a sake-brewing hub in Yamagata, Eiko Fuji embodies the style of Yamagata—light, clean, and delightfully fruity.

Eiko Fuji means “Glorious Mount Fuji.” The name is a tribute to Japan’s national symbol and the brewery’s aspiration in making sake.