Black Moheji 2016

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Made from Omachi rice grown in a single, organically farmed paddy, this sake represents the notion of 'terroir' often found in fine wines. What makes it equally unique is that it is an unpasteurized 'nama' sake that has then been aged for more than 4 years, making it truly unparalleled and dynamic. 

Classic melon and citrus notes are followed by lots of umami, nutty, yeasty flavors.  Truly a unique sake.

Junmai Muroka Namagenshu

720ml bottle

About the producer

Akishika Shuzo

Akishika Shuzo was founded in 1886 in the town of Nose (No-say) in Osaka Prefecture. Under Hiroaki Oku, the 6th generation owner and head brewer, Akishika is creating some of Japan’s most exceptional and unique sake. Akishika Shuzo owns 25 hectares of rice fields and sources more from area farmers. All of the rice grown by Oku-san and the local farmers is done so biodynamically, a unique and principled method that goes beyond organics. They use no herbicides, pesticides, or agricultural chemicals, and Oku-san makes his own natural fermented fertilizer by reusing the byproducts of rice growing and sake brewing.

Since 2004, Akishika Shuzo have only brewed Junmai [pure rice] sake. Around that time, Oku-san decided to stop charcoal filtering, thus all of his sake are Muroka. A year later he stopped filtering altogether. This is to retain as much of the purity and abundant umami in the rice that he grows. Oku-san will only release his sake when he believes they are ready and he believes that at 5-10 years of age his sake really starts to shine.

Sake from Akishika Shuzo have a cult status in Japan, so when Akishika does release sake they sell out exceptionally quickly. To have them at our shop is an honor and a privelege.