Brooklyn Kura Blue Door

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Made blend of American-grown and milled Calrose and Yamada Nishiki rice milled to less than 70% and Brooklyn's finest tap water, this American unpasteurized sake is full bodied, earthy, dry, umami-laden with subtle notes of banana and ripe melon. Named for the iconic entrance to the Brooklyn Kura taproom, this flagship sake from the first New York sake brewery is truly unique.

Junmai Namazake

375ml Bottle

About the producer

Brooklyn Kura

During a chance meeting in Tokyo in 2013, Brian Polen and Brandon  discovered a shared passion for high quality sake. One glass led to two, which led to many more.They took courses, traveled to Japan, apprenticed at breweries, and began to develop their own recipes. They sought out experts and absorbed all they could. Before long, an idea began to form – a sake brewery in New York.

Brooklyn Kura is a sake brewery committed to a new tradition of American Craft Sake. Building on more than 1,000 years of Japanese brewing history, Brooklyn Kura is demystifying sake and making it more accessible.