Daigo no Shizuku

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Produced using the Bodaimoto method - which is known as a ‘pre-modern’ method of creating Sake, first originating from a temple in Nara - this is a wildly unique sake.  On the palate, is a rich and silky body, slightly sweet, but balanced by a lively,  lactic acidity. There is an earthy undertone of rice which lends a savory, umami note.

Junmai Muroka Namagenshu


About the producer

Terada Honke

Terada Honke is either Japan’s most iconoclastic sake brewery or its most traditional. Under the direction Keisuke Terada and his son-in-law, Masaru, the brewery has vertically integrated to control every element of production. They grow their own  organic rice, cultivate their own koji, and do by hand what most of their peers have mechanized. They rely on ambient yeasts for fermentation rather than ubiquitous lab-created ones, and they never dilute, fine, or pasteurize their sake. Their approach is nearly identical to how farmer-brewers worked hundreds of years ago and the resultant sakes are natural, wild, and literally foundational. Terada Honke's sakes drink well at a variety of temperatures and continue to evolve after opening, even days later if kept in the fridge.