Fuku Chitose "Happy Owl"

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Fuku Chitose literally translates to "happiness forever," and the name was chosen by the Tajima family to express their desire that this sake will bring happiness to all who drink it. 

What starts out with a classic big, bold, earthly Yamahai nose, is followed by a surprisingly light, somewhat acidic sake with tons of fall fruit and spicy finish.  Equally good warmed as it is chilled, this sake is the perfect cold weather bottle to keep in the fridge.

Yamahai Junmai


About the producer

Tajima Brewery

Founded in 1849, the Tajima Brewery is now managed by the 5th and 6th generations of the Tajima family. Tokuhiko Tajima, the 5th generation President, oversees the business, his wife and daughter-in-law manage operations, and the 6th generation son, Yujiro, makes sake as the “toji.”

The brewery’s distinguishing point is its commitment to yamahai sake. Yamahai is a traditional way of making the yeast starter, or shubo. While some breweries have revived the yamahai method at their brewery, the Tajimas never stopped. It is almost all they make. You can taste their mastery of this method.