Kikusui Funaguchi

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Fun-sized flavor bomb of tropical fruit and citrus-y zing! Treat it like a Riesling and drink with fried food, spicy takeout, or Thanksgiving dinner.

Japan's first canned namazake, or unpasteurized sake. Once a seasonal treat released as the first sake of the brewing season, nama can now be enjoyed year-round!

Honjozo Namagenshu

200ml can

About the producer


Founded in 1881, Kikusui derives its name from a traditional Japanese Noh play called "Kikujido." In it, a character drinks the dew that had collected on the leaves of a chrysanthemum plant, and lives to be 700 years old. "Kikusui" is made of two words – kiku, which means “chrysanthemum,” and sui, which means “water.”