Furosen Wataribune

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This sake evokes the aromatic, fresh, and bold flavors of Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. The nose is tangy and zesty, with notes of green mango, lemon rind, and mint. The palate is equally expressive and riper. Think pineapple, chili, burnt sugar, and a wildly herbaceous finish. The combination of ginjo polishing, yamahai fermentation, and no pasteurization makes this a beautiful and characterful sake. It is brewed with Wataribune, an heirloom sake rice that is finicky to grow but very expressive and has distinguished lineage as a parent to Yamada Nishiki, the most popular sake rice grown today. Drink this chilled with flavorful dishes like kakuni, bulgogi, or crying tiger salad.

Junmai Ginjo Yamahai Muroka Namagenshu

720ml bottle

About the producer

Uehara Shuzo

Uehara Shuzo was founded in 1862 and is today run by 7th generation brewer Isao Uehara. Located on the northwest side of Japan's largest lake, Lake Biwa, this area is renowned for the quality of its spring water - a crucial ingredient to great sake. Uehara Shuzo uses locally grown rice and ferments their sake naturally without cultivated yeasts in traditional wooden casks rather than modern temperature controlled tanks. They press finished sake slowly over the course of several days using the ancient Tenbin Shibori method of lowering a large wood beam with a heavy stone. Their sakes are all pure rice, unfiltered, unfined, undiluted, and unpasteurized for a transparent, authentic expression of their talent.