Hakkaisan Clear Sparkling "Awa"

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In preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Hakkaisan Brewery Company introduced “Awa” Clear Sparkling as an alternative for champagne. Meaning “bubbles” in Japanese, Awa is produced through a secondary fermentation taking place inside the bottle, similar to traditional champagne. After being disgorged, it is perfectly clear, with small bubbles and fine aromas.

This sparkler drinks like Champagne, but is much less acidic.  It is soft and gentle, with lots of melon, spice and rice flavors.  Hakkaisan's most unique sake, perfect for that special occasion when you need something a little extra!

Sparkling Junmai Ginjo


About the producer


Hakkaisan is located in Niigata, a prefecture known for pristine mountains, agriculture (particularly rice), and great sake. Named for a local peak, Hakkaisan's sake bear a signature cool, crispness.