Heiwa Shuzo KID Junmai Daiginjo

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One word sums up this sake: special.  This sake is just bursting with so many fresh fruit aromas and flavors.  Notes of tropical fruits and flower blossoms abound in the nose.  The sake drinks plump and juicy, and carries more ripe fruits like melon, lychee, and banana, with a strong herbal presence.  As big and fruity as this sake is, the finish is where the magic happens - for such a big, complex sake, the finish is beautifully clean.  

Junmai Daiginjo


About the producer

Heiwa Shuzo

Located in a valley in Kainan City, Wakayama, lies what was once originally built as a temple, but now stands as Heiwa Shuzo, renamed after the end of the Second World War (Heiwa translates to “peace” or “harmony”). While the brewery has been making sake for 4 generations, the KID brand itself is quite young, only having started production about 10+ years ago. The average age of a kurabito (sake brewery worker) at KID is 29 years, and it is collectively the KID goal to create the standard for next generation Sake in Japan.