Hon Mirin

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Nothing at all like the mirin you find at grocery stores, this is 'real' mirin. Simple and natural, this sweet cooking sake packs a punch of flavor (and a 13.5% abv). 

Hakusen Shuzo Fukuraijun is the mirin used by Michelin 3 star restaurants such as Kitcho in Kyoto. It is also enjoyed in Japan as a delicious drink served over crushed ice.

No additives or chemical seasonings. Just rice shochu (made from local rice), rice koji and glutinous rice.

1.75L bottle

About the producer

Hakusen Shuzo

Hakusen Shuzo was established in the Edo period as a mirin shop in the small town of Kawabe in Gifu prefecture – about 40km north east of Nagoya.

The Kato family brews Japanese sake and mirin using 100% local Gifu rice and the soft water from the subsoil flows of the Hida river - one of the most pristine waterways in Japan. They started brewing sake in 1899. There are 5 family members working in the business.

Hakusen Shuzo’s philosophy is to explore the full power of koji in their sake brewing in order to produce elegant sake. Koji (malted rice) is the key ingredient in sake and mirin brewing and also a key ingredient in other fermented foods.