Imayo Tsukasa Black

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Crisp and smooth, this sake drinks easy - the color is crystal clear and the flavors match.  Hints of bright fruit and citrus share space on the palate with peppery notes and a touch of dashi umami flavor. A great pick for the 'dry' sake lover!

Super Dry Junmai


About the producer

Imayo Tsukasa Shuzo

Eastablished in 1767, Imayo Tsukasa started as an inn and sake shop. As the heartland of Japan, Niigata was prosperous and bustling with industry. It was also one of the 3 geisha capitals of Japan, along with Kyoto and Edo, a tradition that is still alive today. Since the middle of the Meiji era Imayo Tsukasa has been a fully dedicated sake brewery. The Niigata soil was fertile, the Agano water was clean, and they built a facility in Nuttari, a hub for Japanese fermented goods like miso, sake and soy sauce.

In Japanese, Imayo Tsukasa means "Master of the Time", or in other words, the leader of the current generation. Now, they interpret that to mean that we will make sake to match the tastes of the present era. In traditional industries like sake brewing, this can be seen as unconventional and a little difficult. However, to make sake more accessible, they cherish the old tradition while staying committed to new concepts, designs and enjoyment methods.