Izumo Fuji "Ancient Shrine" Junmai

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In its name, Izumo Fuji sake pays tribute to both the Izumo Taisha shrine, built in the 8th century and to Mt. Fuji, the most loved and revered symbol of Japan. The Imaoka family brews using old school and traditional methods without modern machines. They do everything by hand: steaming using an old-fashioned Japanese steamer, koji making, and pressing by “fune press,” or wooden vat, a very gentle method.

With lovely tropical fruit and flower aromas, this sake drinks surprisingly dry and clean, with a hint of ricey umami and a touch of minerality. Perfect with spicy food! Can be enjoyed chilled, room temperature, or warm.



About the producer

Izumo Fuji

Unlike most craft breweries whose ownership can be traced back several generations over centuries, the Fuji Sake Brewery has a shorter but no less compelling history.  The current president and brewmaster Toshiaki’s grandfather was working as a brewer for the previous family when its business began to fail. There were no other family members to step in so Imaoka-san’s grandfather stayed and turned the business around. He brokered a deal with the previous owners and made it his own.

Today, the Fuji Brewery is a strong and friendly family business. The brewery is bursting with energy, talent, success, and respect. In the summer of 2022, Imaoka-san will oversee a major renovation to expand capacity and upgrade equipment. Imaoka-san works as the toji with his tight and nimble team. In addition to Izumo Fuji, they make Joto Yuzu and Umeshu.