Japas Kimo Kawaii

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Kawaii is a term used for cute, sweet, and delicate things. But what about when those things are also weird or a little bizarre? Then it’s called Kimokawaii, a mixture of these two worlds in one! A beer that looks innocent at first, but when you drink it, it’s totally unusual. Fruity, sour, full of blackberry, dragon fruit, and hibiscus, it's found the perfect balance in this potent Imperial Sour.

Imperial Sour with Blackberry, Dragonfruit + Hibiscus

16oz can

About the producer


Japas was founded by  three women who met through beer: Maíra Kimura, Yumi Shimada and Fernanda Ueno. Their brand was born unpretentiously in the midst of bar conversations, meetings and beer festivals. This union occurred precisely because, within this universe, they identified their similarities: they were some of the few women and, coincidentally, also some of the few Japanese descendants in the industry. They then decided to come together to, in addition to research their origins, show that women can and should also participate in environments that are generally considered to be masculine, proving more and more that beer has no gender.


Each of their creations is the result of this dive into their ancestry and in this mixture so rich in aromas, flavors and culture, with recipes that celebrate the union between Brazil and Japan in a contemporary way, without clichés or pre-established ideas.