Koikuchi Pure Soy Sauce

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Crafted by a 330 year-old, esteemed soy sauce maker, this premium pure (unpasteurized) soy sauce exhibits a superb flavor and aroma, which are fresh, yet profound. The manufacturer employs a traditional production method, which has been passed down in the brewery for centuries, and only uses carefully selected soybeans, wheat, and salt. Some of the unique, umami-rich flavors are derived from their wooden barrels that have been in use for decades for brewing and aging, adding depth to the soy sauce. It boasts a rich and full-bodied flavor yet it is never muddled—it is pure, clean, and mellow! This makes it a perfect accompaniment for sushi and sashimi—especially with white fish. It also goes well with meat and vegetables. And remember it is unpasteurized, so the enzymes are still alive. The soy sauce received the 2013 Superior Taste Award, certified by The International Taste & Quality Institute.

10oz bottle

Contains: Soy, Wheat

About the Producer

Shibanuma Soy Sauce

Founded by Shozaemon Shibanuma in 1688 in Ibaraki Prefecture, Shibanuma Soy Sauce has specialized in producing soy sauce for over 330 years spanning 18 generations. They use locally sourced ingredients and traditional brewing methods to make their superb soy sauce which is known to exhibit a pleasant, rich and complex flavor and aroma. Natural microbes in their decades-old wooden barrels help produce unique flavors as well. Today, Shibanuma’s products are available in more than 35 countries around the world.