Kuheiji "Eau du Desir"

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In the modern sake world, there has been a group of innovative makers trying to bring a lot of the things we all love about wine to their sakes: a bit of mouth-watering acidity that makes them pair well with food, the notion of terroir or sense of place - the elements that make each wine and vintage unique and different. This sake is one of the best we've tasted in exemplifying all of these things!

The nose here is all the fruit you crave in a daiginjo: strawberry, melon, pineapple.  And the fruit is there on the palate as well, with a sense of 'sweetness' from all the fruit that isn't actually 'sweet'. The mouthfeel is round and incredibly juicy, and there's an effervescence and wine-like acidity present that enhances, but doesn't overpower.  It is unmistakably a beautiful sake, but with all the best qualities of a lovely white wine intertwined.

Junmai Daiginjo


About the producer

Kamoshibito Kuheiji

Founded in 1647, this brewery has gained a cult-like status in modern years. The current president, Kuheiji Kuno, is the 15th generation president of the brewery and has taken their sake production in a new and different direction. Inspired by wine and the notion of terroir and Domaine, he strives to extend this into every aspect of the business. In 2010 they purchased land in Hyogo prefecture to grow their own yamada nishiki rice, and are currently building a sake production facility on-site there. Their flagship sake - "Eau du Desir" - has a french name, and in the same vein of French wines, the vintage of the rice is printed on the label of their bottles. So strong is is love for French wine that Kuheiji recently started "Domaine Kuheiji" and is now producing wine in Burgundy, France.