Mana 1751

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This sake is a true expression of Fukui, using local yeast, bottled from a single tank, and highlights the pristine, nationally famous water source.  

Big smoky, citrusy aromas are followed by a big, round sake on the palate.  Lots of lactic, yogurty flavors followed by savory spices and a touch of sweetness.  A truly unique sake from start to finish!

Yamahai Tobubetsu Junmai Muroka Genshu


About the producer

Manatsuru Shuzo

Founded in 1751, Manatsuru Shuzo (The Manatsuru Sake Brewery) is one of the oldest sake breweries in Echizen Ōno.Also knownas “Little Kyoto” in Hokuriku region, west-central Japan, Echizen Ōno is located at the upper reaches of the Kuzuryu River, surrounded by mountains reaching over 3,000 feet high.The verdant valley and its fertile soil produces the finest “Gohyakumangoku” rice with its crystal clear waters acclaimed as one of the best waters in Japan.The intense cold coupled with the deep snow in the winter provides the perfect environment for sake brewery as though it were ordained so by the heavenly gods.Upholding the traditional handmade brewing techniques, this small brewery, specialized in producing luxury Ginjo-shu, prides itself as the brewer that goes beyond the traditions and pursues new experience that only the finest sake provides.