Saredoshio Moshio Seaweed Salt

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This fine textured salt is crafted using a traditional method of soaking Hondawara seaweed in water from the Seto Inland Sea, brining it in salt fields under the sun, and then boiling that down.

Use as a finishing salt on savory and sweet dishes alike. It has a wonderful layers of umami flavor from the seaweed.

3.52oz bag


We definitely recommend using this as a finishing salt so the flavor and texture don't get lost. Sprinkle it over cooked meat or fish, in onigiri, or over a salad.

about the producer

hakata salt co.

Based in Ehime Prefecture, Hakata Salt Co. was established in 1973. The evaporation method used to make salt on the Seto Inland Sea coast from 1953 to 1972 is said to have produced ideal salt for food preparation and the method is now used at Hakata Salt. Their products are defined by mild saltiness balanced with a hint of sweetness. This characteristic flavor results from traces of bittern, a component of the seawater used in their production process. Most commerical salt contains very little bittern and thus tastes harshly salty. Salt containing too much bittern has a strong bitter taste.