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If you're looking for something truly funky and unique, THIS is the sake for you!
Musubi is the first brown rice sake that Terada Honke has succeeded in commercializing after seven long years of research & development into effective techniques to brew sake from sprouted brown rice. It tastes sour and has a characteristic smell similar to the fermented rice bran used for pickling known as nukazuke. The common reaction from consumers that take a sip of this sake for the first time is that of surprise. It is so interesting that there is complete opposite feedback on this sake, as some say “it’s sour and doesn’t taste good,” while others exclaim that “it’s so delicious!”
Chill it well before opening, and use LOTS of caution when opening. This sake is heavily carbonated.  

On the nose, immediate and full notes of ripe, cow's milk cheese. This sake is funky and different. Tropical notes of banana and lemon follow, and get rounded out by a toasty scent that reminds one of Nilla Wafers.

On the palate, Musubi is intensely lactic and tart. It is also quite dry. The texture is creamy, as it bears a good amount of particulate rice sediment as well as dead yeast cells from the in-bottle carbonation. The acidity is funky like Basque cider. This is truly a unique beverage.

720ml bottle

About the producer

Terada Honke

Terada Honke is either Japan’s most iconoclastic sake brewery or its most traditional. Under the direction Keisuke Terada and his son-in-law, Masaru, the brewery has vertically integrated to control every element of production. They grow their own  organic rice, cultivate their own koji, and do by hand what most of their peers have mechanized. They rely on ambient yeasts for fermentation rather than ubiquitous lab-created ones, and they never dilute, fine, or pasteurize their sake. Their approach is nearly identical to how farmer-brewers worked hundreds of years ago and the resultant sakes are natural, wild, and literally foundational. Terada Honke's sakes drink well at a variety of temperatures and continue to evolve after opening, even days later if kept in the fridge.