Omachi 'Jewel Brocade'

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Made from Omachi rice—the ancestral strain from which many sake-brewing rices are descended - this is a truly lovely, rare sake with. It is full flavored and full bodied with classic herbal-umami of Omachi in the undercurrent.  Aromas of honey and citrus peel develop into deeper fruit flavors with the herbal notes we love in Dewazakura's sake.

Junmai Gingjo

720ml bottle

About the producer


Dewazakura has been brewing sake in the city of Tendo since 1892. The brewery is best known for pioneering commercial-level production the Junmai Ginjo grade of sake in the 1980s. Prior to this, the vast majority of sake sold to the public was of lesser grades and Ginjo was only made in small quantities for sake competitions. Dewazakura, recognizing the quality of their Ginjo and that people would relish access to more elegant sake, released Oka in 1980 and countless breweries have since followed suit.