Organic Spicy Mustard Powder

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Yamasei's yuuki karashi (organic mustard powder) is made from stone ground organic Barukan mustard seeds. As you might gather from the demon on the packaging, this karashi is very spicy, yet still has a classic mustardy taste.

To retain the best flavor, Yamasei takes great care when removing the oil and grinding the seeds to a paste.

 1.1oz package

Certified Organic

Organic mustard.

Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight, high temperature, humidity.
To mix the mustard paste: mix the powder with lukewarm water (ideally between 104-140℉ -- hotter and it will turn bitter!), stir gently (traditionally in only one direction) and wait between 5 to 15 minutes.
Use prepared karashi as a condiment for meat dishes like katsu, cold cuts, or buta no kakuni. Makes a delicious Japanese potato salad along with plenty of mayo. Add it to a pickle brine for a spicy note.

About the producer


Located in Kagawa Prefecture, Yamasei is passionate about producing high quality karashi mustard. Their "Oni Karashi," or "Demon Mustard," combines a high level of spiciness with great flavor. Yamasei produces it using Barukan (Vulcan in English) mustard seeds, the most prized and dear sub-variety of Asian Mustard Seed.