Organic Tonkatsu Sauce

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Tonkatsu sauce is essentially the Japanese answer to steak sauce, but so much better. Made with organic rice and apple cider vinegar and an abundance of organically grown vegetables and fruits, this thick sauce is profound, sweet, and packed with umami. It makes the perfect accompaniment to fried pork cutlets, but can be used in a variety of other ways, from fried fish to cold cut sandwiches.

Sennari Vinegar Brewery naturally brews vinegar using local water and slowly ages it over a long period. They use no artificial flavorings, seasonings or colorings.

5.82oz bottle

Certified Organic

About the Producer

Sennari Vinegar

Sennari is known as one of the best small batch vinegar producers in Japan. To source the best ingredients, Sennari embarked on a 10 year search before moving its brewery to the mountainside of Hiroshima. Their rice comes from local, organic farmers and their vinegars are fermented and aged to perfection.