Shiso + Umeboshi Furikake

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Furikake is a fun-to-say catchall dried condiment often sprinkled on rice and rice-based dishes. Locally grown plum, shiso leaves, and salt are the only ingredients in Kenchanzuke’s Pickled Shiso & Umeboshi Furikake. It’s a Japanese-style savory sprinkle, which features a refreshing umeboshi (pickled plum) and shiso aroma with a touch of sourness and umami from fermentation.  A tablespoon of Pickled Shiso & Umeboshi Furikake concentrates the nutrition of 6-8 pieces of umeboshi, making it nutritionally beneficial as well.

0.52oz bag

Plum, Perilla (Shiso), Salt

Sprinkle on rice or noodles, or any light flavored dish for an extra level of flavor. We love it sprinkled on cubed tuna and avocado over rice.