Shoin Junmai Ginjo

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Shoin was a samurai that led the forefront of education, and his image is conveyed on the label. 

Lots of floral aromas on the nose - think violets & lilacs - followed by a rich, medium body with a bit of tart apple in the finish.

Junmai ginjo

500ml Bottle

About the producer

Yamagata Honten

Yamagata Honten has been producing handcrafted sake on the southern tip of Japan’s main island since 1875. The historic brewery began in the 8th year of the Meiji Restoration. This period marks the end of the shogunate (military rule) and a return to the Emperor as supreme ruler. It also was a period that saw an incredible rise in new sake breweries.

Yamagata Honten maintains a passion for the local ecology by only using locally-grown rice from the Yamaguchi prefecture. Notably, they use locally grown yamadanishiki rice to craft their “Kaori” sake, the flagship Junmai-Ginjo  grade sake in production since 1984. Yamadanishiki is a very popular sake-specific rice varietal. Its large, pure starchy center and low amounts of fats and proteins make it well suited for sake production.  In addition to locally sourced rice, a portion of the brewery’s earnings are donated to the preservation of the Hooded Crane, the official bird of the Yamaguchi prefecture.