Snowman Sparkling Nigori

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A fun, festive nigori from serious brewers! Made from Yamadashiki rice grown within the immediate vicinity of the brewery and polished to 50% of its original size, this is not your typical nigori. Sweet, creamy, banana and cookie aromas don't deceive you on the palate, but it drinks surprisingly light and lively for a nigori. The texture is smooth and silky due to labor-intensive hand-straining processes, and its light effervescence gives it a clean, satisfying finish.  A perfect match for spicy or fried foods, or on its own as a lovely aperitif!  

 Junmai Daiginjo Genshu Sparkling Nigori

720ml bottle

About the producer


Senkin's sakes have an electricity to them - a zesty, energetic quality that shines like a beacon amidst the sea of homogenous sake imported to the US. This tracks given the story behind the brewery. Nestled in the residential backroads of Sakura City in Tochigi, Senkin is run by brothers Kazuki and Masato, the 11th generation of the Usui family to own the brewery. Their approach was born out of Kazuki-san’s love of wine. Growing up, he thought sake was boring and something that only old people drank. He gravitated towards the bolder flavors in wine, particularly the high acidity and versatility in pairing with food. When he took over Senkin, he did away with all of their old methods and even their back stock of sake and began fresh. The brothers’ brewing motto is “Yokei na koto shinai,” or “do nothing unnecessary.” All of their sakes are brewed in small batches and are Muroka (unfiltered) and Genshu (undiluted), as well as bottle-aged in near freezing temperatures. Senkin uses the same water for brewing as that which grows their rice, and they will only use contract-farmed Omachi, Yamada Nishiki, or Kame no O rice grown within 5 minutes of the brewery.