Sudachi Juice

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Pure sudachi juice from Tokushima Prefecture in Shikoku. This prized citrus veers towards the lime-sour orange side of the fruit spectrum, with a zestier aroma and more tart flavor than either.

Tokushima is the home of Shoten and Cafe Sushi's founders, and Sudachi is one of Chef Seizi's favorite ingredients.

5oz bottle

Citrus Sudachi.

Refrigerate after opening,
Use a splash of Sudachi over grilled fish, sashimi, or fried dishes, or try mixing into dressings and noodle soups. Adds a wonderful accent to any dish that calls for lemon, lime, or yuzu.

about the producer


Kishida was established in 1923 in Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, an area famous for Japanese citrus. Partnered with local citrus growers, Kishida grows their own chili peppers to make yuzu kosho.