Sweet Yuzu Vinegar

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Sweet Yuzu Vinegar gives a refreshing, aromatic, and bright twist to any of your dishes. Also, they've mixed in real yuzu peels for some texture and an extra zing.

Perfect straight out of the bottle, or mixed into a dressing, this vinegar is sour, sweet, salty and citrusy.  Add it to anything that needs a little acid and brightness. 

150ml Bottle


Vinegar, Sugar, Yuzu Peel, Salt.

About the producer

Cabi Foods

Cabi is simple. It starts with a piece of mold (see: Cabi name) and we hope it spreads like a culture; the desire to share easy and traditional Japanese home cooking.
Cabi / Kabi (カビ) means mold in Japanese. Don’t worry, we are talking about really good mold and fermentation! Anyway, it’s time that word underwent some rebranding. So here it is, good mold. Japan has a long history of fermented foods especially used for its health benefits. It is the only culture to use Koji mold (aespergillus oryzae), thus forming what we know plainly as Koji – when this mold is inoculated/grown onto any steamed grain medium.

Koji is used in almost every single Japanese condiment from soy sauce, miso, vinegar to even sake. It’s definitely not an overstatement to say that Koji has inspired and defined Japan’s culinary world, and therefore our culture. The definition of our culture is in these live cultures. So yes, we are here to promote good culture around mold. Long live fermentation