Tatenokawa '18'

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If you're looking for a rare, splurge-worthy sake, this is the ONE!

Made with rice polished down to a mere 18% of the original grain size - the highest polishing ratio in the entirety of Japan - this sake is all about refinement.  Additionally, only the best part of the sake pressing nakadori (middle- cut) is used, to give it a fragrant and clean flavor. 

Magnificent tropical aromas are followed by ripe melon and big, juicy strawberry flavors.  Clean, soft, pure.  A crowd pleaser!

Junmai Daiginjo


About the producer


Tatenokawa was founded in 1832 and later named “Castle Brook” (Tatenokawa) by the Lord of the local Shonai Clan. The current, 6th generation president, Sato Junpei, leads a young team (all in their 30s) and strives to make the best quality sake in Japan. When Sato-san took over the brewery in 2001 he was faced with a difficult decision; like many breweries, sales were slow with fridges full of dead stock. Sato-san had to decide whether to end 170 years of sake making history or to find a way to reinvigorate his brewery. He chose that latter, focusing on quality by cutting the number of products to just one and vastly reducing production volumes. The brewery’s fortunes began to change and, in 2008, Sato-san made the bold decision to make only Junmai Daiginjo sake - the premier cru of the sake world. The decision to only make Junmai Daiginjo was not taken lightly but Sato-san decided that by only producing the most premium type of sake he would ‘make sake that is easier to understand’ and ‘focus on quality’. This simple strategy has seen Tatenokawa’s popularity, reputation and fame grow rapidly and they have an ambitious ‘100-year vision’ to “brew the number one Japanesesake” (in a sense they’ve already achieved this with their 1% polished sake,Komyo). Tatenokawa is a brewery of enthusiasm, tenacity and courage; you only need try theirsaketo know these guys are going places.