Watari Bune Junmai Ginjo 55

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The '55' in the name of this sake refers to the polishing rate of this rice, which is technically halfway to a daiginjo. The story behind this sake is as interesting and unique as the aromas and flavors (see the 'About the Producer' section below).

Strong funky flavors, and lively, zippy acidity make this a great pairing for many foods, or to stand alone on its own.

Junmai Ginjo Muroka Namachozo 

300ml bottle

About the producer

Huchu Homare

Takaaki “Taka” Yamauchi is the 7th generation President and Brewmaster of Huchu Homare. In 1988, he learned about Watari Bune sake rice from a local farmer, named Hota-sensei. Hota-sensei told him that Watari Bune made great sake, but fell out of use in the 1920s because the plants grew tall and harvested late, in October. This made Watari Bune vulnerable to mold, bugs, and typhoons. Farmers grew tired of losing their crops so they stopped growing Watari Bune. 

Yamauchi-san found that his local agricultural research institute had freeze-dried seedlings. He was able to get 14 grams of seedlings. Hota-sensei helped him find local farmers who would grow the rice. 

Three years later, in 1992, Taka had enough rice to make their first batch of sake. It was delicious and an immediate success. Taka made history and the revival of Watari Bune was a watershed moment in sake.